Why Iron Club Fitness?

For millions of people that currently go to the gym or want to start, finding a sense of community is not always a simple task. While some prefer to train independently, many other ambitious individuals simply enjoy the comfort of working out in a group or with a friend. There are a large number of people who would love to go to the gym to better themselves, however they are simply dissuaded from the lack of benefits that going with others provides.

The Problem:

The difficulty of approaching other unfamiliar gym-goers; unfortunately, this reluctance can hold you back from your true potential!

The Resolution:

Iron Club Fitness is working to build the first community established for the gym. The goal of the company is to create a club that brings people together so that no matter when you go to the gym, you can be sure to be training amongst friends.

How does it work?

If you see someone wearing Iron Club Fitness products, you no longer have to question whether or not they are comfortable being approached. This alleviates any potential anxiety from all sides when asking for a spotter, advice on form, or even asking how many sets someone has left on equipment. Iron Club Fitness members are committed to improving gym culture through willingness to give or receive aid and socialize with one another.

Why should I become a part of the movement?

More advanced lifters have the unique opportunity to give back to the gym community from which they grew both mentally and physically. Newer to more intermediate lifters no longer need to feel as if they do not belong or have to look a certain way to visit the gym. Become a member of Iron Club Fitness today to experience a new age of gym culture! Don’t just go to the gym, be a part of the gym. 

Become a part of something larger than yourself and take advantage of the rare opportunity to leave a legacy. Find your crew, forge greatness.